Icone Test ELAO


Adrian Görke

Hochschule Kehl – University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration

ELAO is a real time-saver

"Previously, we had to make all our students sit written language tests at the beginning of the academic year. The ELAO test is a real time-saver as it offers a simple, fast and effective alternative which avoids our team having to organise tests for every student and mark them. In the current context, we are also delighted to be able to organise tests remotely while complying with health and safety measures linked to the coronavirus thanks to the ELAO test being 100% accessible online. We have become fully independent by sending the tests directly to our students. The export function in Excel format allows us to create groups easily and those groups are really well balanced thanks to the accuracy of the test (to within a quarter level of the CEFRL)" (translated from French).


University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

The platform is very flexible and makes it easy to recover reports

"We use the ELAO assessment to organise language level tests and to create homogenous groups of students. Some of our Masters courses require a certain language level in order to undertake the programme. ELAO, therefore, offers real added-value for our students, who can quickly find out their level as well as the elements they need to work on. The platform is very flexible and makes it easy to recover report, which are also well presented" (translated from French).

Ségolène Prioult

Head of digital projects for language learning – University of Nantes

The ELAO is very practical in terms of autonomy

"We needed a testing tool like ELAO to help us in the burdensome task of organising language tests for 250 students each semester. Even if we also have an oral evaluation carried out by our professors, ELAO is a real time-saver. Several of us manage tests via the ELAO platform. It’s very practical to have several administrators and to know that only tests that have been started are counted in the pricing. The platform is very practical in terms of its use and the autonomy it provides but also, and above all, in terms of managing group levels. All that at an attractive price" (translated from French).

Filip Van Leemput

Odisee - De co-Hogeschool

It’s great value for money

"For us the ELAO assessment is doubly useful. On the one hand, it allows us to create homogenous language groups and, on the other, it allows us to give exemptions from language training to students with higher levels . The test is entirely digital, it doesn’t take too long to do and provides a lot of feedback in the report. The results are more accurate than the conventional CEFRL levels for each skill. It’s very useful for providing remediation for example. From a managerial point of view, we can remain independent by sending the codes to carry out the test ourselves. I recommend ELAO because it is an accurate test with a practical and accessible administrative platform. It is great value for money and we have a very good relationship with the ELAO team" (translated from French).

Viviane Robic

Head of the language training section in Banque de France

Provides a sense of achievement

"ELAO is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and is accurate to within a quarter level. In addition to the precision linked to levels assessed, we particularly appreciate the following elements of the platform: the high degree of reliability of the assessments, the user-friendly interface for both administrators and those being tested and the flexibility of the platform, which provides a sense of achievement to the person being tested irrespective of their level" (translated from french).

Nicolas Brizard

Coordinator of l’Eures – Transfrontalier of the Grande Région

The efficiency of the implemented platform

"We are very satisfied with the results provided by ELAO and more specifically: the accuracy of the levels given; the reliability of the evaluations; the efficiency of the implemented platform; the ergonomics of the platform and the quality of support provided" (translated from French).