Icone Test ELAO

An accurate language assessment which ensures you make the right decisions

Accurate and reliable results

Elao’s accuracy in terms of skills level is the best on the market. Elao is the only language assessment tool to identify specific areas of improvement for each participant depending on their level.

  • A test based on the CEFRL
  • An added level (A0)
  • 4 increments per CEFRL level

Detailed instantaneous reports

An analysis report is available immediately after the assessment for every person tested. Easy to understand, it details all information necessary in the assessment of your students’/candidates’ language level:

  • Time taken to do the assessment
  • Precise level
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the person assessed

Convivial and user-friendly, a made-to-measure platform

A made-to-measure platform. Every establishment or company functions differently and the ELAO platform is personalised in line with the realities and constraints of your organisation.

  • Convivial interface, developed and tested with and for the users
  • Test personalisation option in the colours of your establishment/company
  • Adaptation of the environment in line with your departments/faculties.

Administer all your language assessments from the same platform

From 100 to 100,000 tests a year, simplify your life. Let Elao do the work for you. Choose the solution with the most commonly spoken European languages. Test your candidates in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

  • 6 test languages (French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • 4 interface languages (French, English, Dutch, German)
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Icone Test ELAO

Evaluate your participants in 4 simple steps

Identify learners

You define the learners to be tested

Thanks to the ELAO platform, you can import your participant lists in an Excel format. All your contacts can then be contacted at the click of a button.


Send the invitations

You can send invitations to carry out the assessment directly by email to each participant. The participant will receive all the necessary instructions to start the assessment.

send the invitations

Test carried out

Each participant carries out their assessment in 30 minutes.

les résultats

Use the results

You have immediate access to the results. They can be exported into an Excel format(.xlsx) in order to create groups or sent directly to the participants.

Use the results